Estonian National Opera

Cardillac 2015

This intense opera by Hindemith is a story of devotion and insane passion to creation. It asks the question: who is the owner of the beauty? Can the artist own his own creations? Cardillac was produced in the spirit of 1920s expressionism.

Composer: Paul Hindemith
Libretto: Fredinand Lion

Conductor: Vello Pähn
Set and costume design: Kimmo Viskari
Light design: Anton Kulagin

Cardillac: Rauno Elp
Daughter: Tamara Gallo
The Officer: Jyrki Anttila
The Gold Merchant: Mart Laur
The Lady: Heli Veskus
The Cavalier: Sergiu Saplacan
The Police Chief: Pavlo Balakin

The Choir: Estonian National Opera Chorus
The Orchestra: Estonian National Opera Orchestra