The Vaasa Opera

Eugene Onegin 2012

In this production I wanted to portray the nonchalant way of life of the people living on welfare in a modern society. The action was brought to our time and the entire life of Larina’s family; the emotions and human relations, the way of being, was based on consumption. On stage Larina’s clean, nearly aseptic house and garden, was surrounded by a dump. A place for a childish game that turned into a rude reality. The premiere was on the 5th of January in Vaasa City Theatre.

Composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Libretto: K.Shilovsky after A. Pushkin

Visual Design: Kimmo Viskari
Light Design: Kimmo Häyhä

Music Direction: Jukka Iisakkala

Eugene Onegin: Ville Rusanen
Tatyana: Helena Juntunen
Olga: Solgeerd Isalv
Larina: Annaliisa Pillak
Lenski: Roland Liiv
Gremin: Jari Parviainen
Filipjevna: Jenny Sandelin
Triquet: Ossi Kukkonen
Captain: Kari Juurakko
Zaretsky: Tuomas Koskinen
Guillot: Kaj Storbacka

Vaasa City Orchestra
Vaasa Opera Choir