Finnish National Opera

Indigo 2016

Perttu Kivilaakso and Eicca Toppinen are members of the Apocalyptica heavy metal music ensemble. Their opera Indigo includes some heavy elements but is essentially a traditional opera.It is a story of greed and love larger than life. It is about faith in technology and the downfall of a scientific community.It shows the commitments and choices that people make when they are driven by events rather than their own free will. The World premiere was in January 2016.

Composer: Kivilaakso/Toppinen
Libretto: Sami Parkkinen

Set design: Sampo Pyhälä
Costume design: Kalle Kuusela
Light design: Jussi Kamunen
Choreography: Reija Wäre
Sound design: Antti Murto

Musical direction: Jaakko Kuusisto

Daniel: Markus Nykänen
Aurelia: Marjukka Tepponen
Myrna: Mari Palo
Dr Hackert: Jaakko Kortekangas
Carl: Cristian Juslin
Mrs Swanson: Päivi Nisula
The Minister: Koit Soasepp
The General: Petri Bäckström

Choir of The Finnish National Opera

Photography: Sakari Viika